10 Amazing Cold Weather Hacks to Survive Winter

10 Amazing Cold Weather Hacks to Survive Winter

We have already had THREE snow days this “winter” and it is not even technically winter yet! Maine is really bringing the freeze this year. Being a life long Mainer I usually don’t let the weather get the best of me. However, there are just some things that can become really inconvenient. With these hacks hopefully we can all survive winter!

Bring on the Winter Hacks

Sometimes it is just cold enough so when it rains a thin layer of ice freezes onto your car windshield. Which I hate! So this winter DIY from One Good Thing is genius. Combine vinegar and water into an old spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto your windshield before the weather/storm to prevent the ice from sticking to your windshield.

Grab a heated rice pack (get one here!) of any shape and size to wrap around you while your cuddled on the couch or even stick in under your sheets before bed so you can fall asleep in a nice warm bed.

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Another great hack from One Good Thing to prep before a storm is putting long socks over your windshield wipers so they do not freeze to the window.

Squeeze hand sanitizer into your car’s key lock to prevent water from getting in and freezing making it impossible to unlock your car if you do not have a key fob.

Grab those dryer sheets to fix all that staticky hair after wearing your winter hat.

This hack is one of my favorites! Living in a not very insulated home you gotta bring in as much heat as you can. After cooking dinner, keep that oven door open and let the leftover heat warm your kitchen…free heat!

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Kitty litter can do more than be used for your fur babies bathroom. If you are stuck in your driveway or wherever you are, you can put litter under your tires to help create a grip to get un-stuck!

Using water, stick bubble wrap onto your windows that let in a cold draft. The bubble wrap will stick to the windows and create an inexpensive insulation during these cold months.

Fingers crossed you don’t lose power during crazy storms. However, if you do! Keep tea candles available and grab one of those terra cotta pots to create your own powerless heater. The candles heat up the clay that will then radiate warmth.

Cut out felts pieces in the shape of your shoe inserts. Then put the felt and sole back into your shoes. The felt will add extra insulation to keep your feet warm during cold weather.

Living in a state that has a super long winter can get a little discouraging. However, will these hacks we can survive winter together!




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