Melted Sandwich Sliders with Leftover Thanksgiving Rolls

Melted Sandwich Sliders with Leftover Thanksgiving Rolls

We are almost a week out from Thanksgiving and we STILL have leftovers milling about. Andrew decided to go crazy with the rolls so I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate them into weekday meals. Finally I am down to the last package and thought what better way to use them up than create warm sandwich sliders! I mean it is a snow day after all.

Sandwich Sliders

So I checked out the fridge and saw some almost gone containers of cheese and turkey lunch meat. Perfect timing!

What You’ll Need:

Seeing as Andrew has to work tonight I split the rolls in half. I added some leftover onion to the mix but if you’re anti-onion that’s fine. What’s so perfect about this meal idea is how customizable it is! Not to mention it helps get rid of the leftovers and almost empty things on your refrigerator.

What to Do:

Layer all your ingredients and put the top on. I wait until after they are warmed to cut each individual roll, because I’m lazy. Then put them in the over 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes depending on your oven. Just long enough for the cheese to melt and the rolls to soften. Pull those babies out, cut the individual rolls and enjoy!

Stacked Sandwich Sliders

These melted sandwich sliders are great for game day, kiddos or convenient weekday meals! Put your own twist on it and be the life of the party!

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